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If you’re embarking on the journey to become an Amazon seller, you need to learn how to create an Amazon Seller Account and take your first steps in this industry. There are various training routes you can follow when launching your business, and we’re here in collaboration with Amazon to guide you through your journey the right way.

This guide will walk you through:

  • Getting help to start Selling with Amazon 
  • Registering to Sell on Amazon
  • Account Setup
  • FAQs

Why sell on Amazon? 

Amazon has the largest percentage of retail market share in the US, with the opportunity to reach millions of customers in over 180 countries. In 2022, Amazon independent sellers in the US alone sold more than 4.1 billion products – an average of 7,800 every minute - and averaged more than $230,000 in sales in Amazon’s store (2022 Small Business Empowerment Report.) Research shows that over half of the sellers in the Amazon store that sell multi-channel prefer Amazon for customer acquisition, and almost 60% of multi-channel sellers found Amazon to be their fastest-growing avenue. 

As an Amazon selling community and software developers, we’ve personally helped create a huge pool of self-made millionaires leveraging Amazon as their business opportunity and changing the trajectory of their lives. If you have the passion and drive, you can succeed in this market. We’re here to help guide you through this journey and give you the tools you need to uncover the route to your success. 

Get help to start Selling with Amazon 

Titan Network was launched in 2019 following successful sourcing trips to China, hosted by co-founders Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn. Titan Network was born to help connect Amazon sellers to tried and tested frameworks comprised by the elite Amazon sellers in the industry (Titan leaders,) tools to revolutionize running an Amazon business, and community - connecting passionate entrepreneurs from all around the world. 

After four years enabling Amazon sellers to scale to multi-million dollar businesses, Titan Genesis was launched. Titan Genesis answers the beginner’s questions starting with Amazon by giving step-by-step training to guide you through the process, available worldwide. Titan Genesis is a 6-week coaching program designed to help new Amazon FBA Sellers lay the foundation of a $1,000,000+ online business, with live coaching, training sessions, frameworks and tools. We guide you through creating your first product and designing the brand identity and packaging to stand out in today’s market, driving you through the clearest route to success.

We’ve combined training workshops, coaching calls, and 1-on-1 checkpoints from other $1,000,000+ store owners into a step-by-step program to bring in your first dollar as soon as possible. Find out more about Titan Genesis today.

You will need to register to set up your Amazon FBA account. If you’re ready to sell on Amazon or have questions about getting started, you can utilize free help from a dedicated Amazon account representative to walk you through your questions. Submit your information to apply for 1x1 assistance to help launch your store. 

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Register to Sell on Amazon

When you register to sell on Amazon, you will be prompted to choose a selling plan based on your needs and business goal. To get started, choose between the Individual Plan and the Professional Plan - more on this below. Remember, you can change your plan at any time, so pick the option best suited for you in the moment. 

Individual Plan 

The Individual Plan is ideal for sellers who are just starting and have a limited number of products to offer. With this plan, sellers pay per-item fees for each sale, making it suitable for those with lower sales volumes. While the Individual Plan offers simplicity and flexibility, you will not have access to advanced features available to Professional Plan users.

Professional Plan 

The Professional Plan is tailored for more established sellers with a larger inventory and higher sales volume. For a monthly subscription fee, sellers can access a range of features, such as bulk listing and reporting tools, custom shipping rates, and eligibility for Amazon Advertising programs. The Professional Plan provides sellers with a higher level of control over listings and enables them to take advantage of Amazon's marketing tools to reach a wider audience. 


After signing up for Titan Genesis and setting up your Amazon account, you will integrate your Titan Tools account - a trusted Amazon partner - with your Amazon seller account. Titan Tools are in-house tools that you can directly connect to your Amazon account, with a range of features. When starting your journey as an Amazon seller, you can use Titan Tools to select and validate profitable products, and understand the marketing potential within Amazon for your product selection.

After signing up to Titan Genesis, you will walk through the the program by: 

  • Selecting your first Amazon product, validating with Titan Tools to see competitiveness, profitability, and uncover your best route to success. Your Titan Genesis leader will guide you through this process and be the final validation of your selection, where you can discuss and ask any questions you may have. 
  • After agreeing on your product, you will be guided through researching and ordering samples from manufacturers, finalizing your product ideas, focusing on cost and delivery requirements, and differentiating your offering. 
  • You will order your first samples, align necessary documentation - with our support - and proceed to pre-production sampling and final sign off. 
  • For final sampling, you will undergo final negotiations, final approval and inspections, and agree on shipping and transportation. 

The goal for Titan Genesis is to launch your Amazon business with your first product live in 8 months of setting up, with a substantiated product offering ready to launch your journey.


How do I register to sell in the Amazon store?
To get started as an Amazon seller, begin by choosing a selling plan and setting up an Amazon selling account. Make sure you have access to your bank account number and bank routing number, chargeable credit card, government-issued national ID, tax information, and phone number to complete your registration.

Is being an Amazon seller profitable? 

In 2022, Amazon independent sellers in our U.S. store sold more than 4.1 billion products – an average of 7,800 every minute - and averaged more than $230,000 in sales in Amazon’s store (2022 Small Business Empowerment Report)

How much budget do I need to set up my business?

We recommend starting your Amazon business with a budget of at least $5,000 to $10,000.

I’m already selling on Amazon, but I’m looking to scale

Titan Network is the community for Amazon sellers scaling to multi-million dollar businesses. To learn more about what Titan can do for you, speak to a success representative. If you want to try Titan first, you can level up your PPC, Organic Rank and Profitability, or trial sales-boosting tactics with keyword analysis, price optimization, and advertising, powered by Titan Tools - our exclusive, strategy-lead tools suite that integrates with Amazon to set you up for success when running your business.

How can I plan to boost my sales in the Amazon store?
There are many ways to increase sales in the Amazon store. Appeal to Prime members by using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to offer customers Prime shipping. You can also:

  • Up your advertising game by offering promotions, coupons, or lightning deals, utilizing Titan tools to source your best opportunities.
  • Register as a Brand Owner and build your own brand experience using Amazon Stores.
  • Create A+ content to drive sales.
  • Manage customer engagement to market directly to customers who follow your brand.

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