Private Label Amazon Sellers Generating Between $1M and $30M Per Year:

Scale Profitably on Amazon.

Our operating frameworks, strategies and tools condense 10 years, thousands of seller's input, and billions of dollars of Amazon private label sales into the most sophisticated and structured system for profitable growth on Amazon. We've figured it out together, so you don't have to be alone

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"My business is more stable and profitable than ever before and thanks to Titan, I now have the tools to make it grow!" - Maida Candler (Titan Member)

Empowering Brand owners to Scale On Amazon

Join the leading mastermind community of verified Amazon FBA Sellers and get access to the structured playbook and tools for predictable growth on Amazon the TitanWay™

What stage of growth are you at?

I want to LAUNCH a brand
I am GROWING into 7-figures
I am SCALING beyond $1m per year
I am an ELITE Seller above $3m per Year

Why Titan?

One Size DOES NOT Fit All

At each stage of growth in your Amazon business, different layers of strategy and how you apply them change. Unlike the noisy Facebook Groups you’ll find in other communities full of cookie cutter information that produce more questions than results; Titan Network is a purpose built platform that serves you where you’re at in your journey with no scenario unanswered.

Our unrivalled expertise, collective culture, custom built technology and streamlined education means you have everything you need to scale a multi million dollar brand on Amazon.

Starting Out

Titan Genesis™

A step-by-step coaching program to help new Amazon FBA Sellers lay the foundations of a $1,000,000+ online business.

Grow to 7-figures

Titan Growth™

The cutting edge playbook for launching your first product on Amazon using the tried and tested TitanWay™ principles and coaching from active industry leaders.

Scale to Multi 7-figures

Titan Scale™

A combination of coaching and advanced TitanWay™ frameworks provide the flexibility, structure and accountability you need to become a 7-Figure Amazon Seller.

$3m+ Per Year

Titan Elite™

Verified multi 7-figure Sellers collaborating and innovating with industry leaders on the strategies, big moves and key decisions required to scale at the elite level of the industry.

Member Benefits

The Strategies, Systems, Support & Tools You Need to Scale A Multi Million Dollar Brand

TitanWay™ Playbook

Built from the proven results and expert insights of our Leaders in key areas such as PPC, Product Development, Team Building and so much more. The TitanWay™ Playbook maps out your fastest, smoothest, and most profitable path to a multi million dollar brand sparing no details so you can focus all your energy on execution.

Titan Tools™

Built by Sellers for Sellers, Titan Tools™ empower you to move faster and make more impactful decisions. Our custom built tools streamline and automate high leverage tasks in key areas so you gain more time back while generating better results than ever before.

Weekly Huddles

A combination of mentoring from an industry leader and peer-to-peer masterminding with Sellers at the same level as you. Talk about your current challenges while hearing relevant solutions and tactics from your peers.

Mastermind Events

Come together with the most successful, driven and like-minded Sellers in the industry. Indulge in a week of workshops focused on your needs so you get actionable and impactful strategies for scaling your brand

Titan Meetups™

Our laid back in person networking events act as “member chapters” all over the world. This is where you get to strengthen relationships formed inside Titan Network by having deeper conversations with like minded people.

Dedicated Accountability

Our wildly successful Productivity & Accountability Program. The TPA Program provides structure, organization, and ownership making you more efficient in achieving personal and business goals.

Daily Office Hours

These calls are known as WorkParties™ inside the network. They provide you with an opportunity to learn from our experts covering everything from PPC and Launching to External Marketing and Shopify.

Verified Sellers

Every member of our Titan group is a verified Amazon Seller, deeply engaged in the marketplace on a daily basis. Our collective wisdom is your competitive advantage.

Purpose Built Platform

Focus and productivity are essential for you to reach your goals. Which is why we hired our own dev team to design a platform free from distractions and temptations like you would get in Facebook Groups and other hosting sites.

Exclusive Partner Access

We only partner with the best service providers in the industry who not only offer Titans exclusive deals but are present in the network offering their expertise whenever required.

Exclusive Masterclasses

Bi-weekly LIVE Masterclasses from Industry Leaders and special guests on needle moving topics both on Amazon and wider entrepreneurship related topics.

Who Is Titan For?

The Quality Of A Mastermind Is Determined By Who Is NOT Allowed In The Room

We could have chosen to let anyone and everyone willing to pay money into Titan… but we decided not to. We’re building the best Amazon Seller mastermind in the world, and that requires hand selection so that the level of talent and expertise is extremely high. We are committed to each of our members being a raging success.

You’re a Seller!

You must be a Seller, no service providers, aggregators or consultants.


Must have a live private-label Amazon brand.


Minimum 6-figures annual revenue with 7-figure momentum


Sincere desire to build multi-million dollar momentum


Possesses a willingness to learn and a sincere desire to share


Able and willing to attend in person meetings.

Meet Our Leaders, Mentors & Experts

Our Titan Leaders, Mentors and Experts are all actively selling on Amazon. This means they’re at the “tip of the spear” developing and executing the strategies and tactics that are working right now. Our members model these proven strategies and tactics to replicate the success in their own businesses. This combination of individual success and collaboration is close to impossible to find and it’s part of what makes Titan Network so successful.

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Titan is not a one size fits all program, we have different programs and mastermind groups depending on what level of business you are at and where you're at in your growth journey.

Starting as low as $997 for Titan Genesis™, there are also affordable pricing plan available.

Apply now and find out how Titan can help you move faster in your business.

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"After 9 days I had made my investment back for Titan in sales! Invest in yourself" - Michaela (Titan Member)


What Our Members Are Saying

"Titan guided me to scale and exit my Amazon FBA Business

I joined Titan in 2019. The Network helped me learn what I needed to overcome, ultimately leading to my first 7-figure exit in 2021.

I'm growing a second brand and still rely on the Network to keep me up to date with the latest Amazon strategies"

- Matt Phipps, Titan member turned Titan Leader

"I have been selling on Amazon for 3 Years. Since I joined Titan my business has grown 488% and steadily increasing with (up 50% on last month) with acontribution margin of 23.5%.

2 weeks ago I launched another 48 SKUs.
We are now breaking $50k per month and continue to grow!"

- Vanessa C, Titan Member

"Loving the Titan Network. So many resources, so much knowledge and so much support. I'm feeling confident that this will be the best resource my business and I have ever tapped into." - Anj Jenni (Titan Member)

Want A Taste Of Titan?

When all is said and done, with most masterminds, there’s usually been a lot more said than done. Inside Titan that’s not the case. Take one of our on-demand Workshops and see the results show up in your business in real-time.

Double Your Sales

Get Unstuck and Learn How To Generate Explosive Growth Through Our Proven, Profitable Strategies and Frameworks That Produce FAST Results

This has brought so much clarity. 100% increase in sales, and main keyword jumped from position #31 to #5! -Wanda

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Ultimate PPC

The Cutting Edge Way To Take Control of Your PPC, Organic Rank and Profitability without Non TOS Tactics Or Thousands of Dollars of PPC Spend

"Holy S***! I was not expecting these kind of numbers for launching so quickly... just ordered 2,000 more units!"
- Sheridan Davis Pulsipher

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Team & Systems

How To Build Predictable, Scalable Systems For Growth In Your Amazon Business And Successfully Hire A Team of A-Players To Run Them

"With a team of 4 now, I have never felt so organised and so clear on my next steps to exit." - Rebecca Rouzbehi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About What It Means To Be Part Of Titan Network

Who should join?

The key attribute we look for in members is commitment to success. To get the best out of Titan, we're looking for people who are driven to move the needle forward in business and devote the time and effort needed to get there. We have training for all areas of running and scaling your Amazon business, but you need to show up with the passion to move forward. Wherever you're based, whatever age or stage of business you're at, we have the tools and the people ready to help you level up and make amazing things happen.

Do I get one-on-one support?

When you join Titan, you will be allocated a success coach and group leader depending on your personal needs and stage of business. Your group leader will coach you on scaling your business and answer any questions you have along the way. Your success coach will ensure your onboarding process goes smoothly and hold you accountable to the plan your group leader gives you. You will regularly interact with expert leaders in training sessions and have the opportunity to book further one-on-one calls.

What if i'm based outside the USA?

We are global, with Titan members located across the globe. With training to facilitate where you are running your business, you do not have to be based in the USA to join Titan.

I'm just getting started, is this right for me?

Making mistakes is a natural part of the Amazon journey, and our team of leaders and experts has experienced the same challenges that you might encounter. When you join us at the early stages of your business, we can provide invaluable guidance to keep you on the right track and help you take actions that lead to success. If you're curious about how Titan can help you in your stage of business, join a success call and learn about your options. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to thrive on your Amazon journey, no matter where you are starting from.

Is there a refund policy?

We don't offer refunds as were only interested in having members that are committed to long-term success. However, a trial period and a Titan Success Guarantee are included in your Titan Network membership. Apply now and let's chat to see if we're a good fit for each other.

Why are you doing this?

Titan was created with a shared passion for community - find someone that did what you want to do, and do what they did. Learn from them. It can be a lonely world when you're pushing the boundaries and embarking on entrepreneurship, so our space was born to combat this and help our members to reach their business and freedom goals. You are not setting yourself back when you share, but when you have an abundance positive mindset you will get the same in return for your business.

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Become A Titan Today! Build multi-million dollar momentum and “7-figure flywheels”…with a little help from the best Sellers in the world.

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"The leaders go above and beyond and care about your success. I have made many good friends too. If you are a serious seller on amazon then it is essential to join." - Kyle (Titan Member)